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"Being taught by a good dancer is not enough for me. Being a native Egyptian, and a dancer, I need a teacher who is able to breakdown the flaws in my technique, correct it, and make me a more graceful dancer on stage...I found this combination in Zulaika ..."


Articles, information, and resources about Arabic dance and music.

Recorded Classes On Demand!!
  • Take a class with Zulaika anytime

  • Enjoy 14-day access

  • Classes are 60-70 minutes including warm-ups and cool down stretches.


Previously recorded classes include: 

Variations on a Theme

Intermediate - Advance Level Classes

Each class is based on a "movement theme"  and explores its myriad of variations - from rhythmic, timing, level changes, layering, to traveling and more!

Back to Basics

Mixed Level Classes

Skills, Drills, and Combo Thrills!

Back to Basics reviews and builds on Belly Dance fundamentals. You'll learn new movement variations, and how they work with the music through fun combinations!


Let's Raqs School

Classes with Zulaika




Online: Private Lessons

$60 / 60 minute session

$35 / 30 minute session


$200 / 4-60 minute sessions

$120 / 4-30 minute sessions
Group rates for 2 or more dancers also available.

Private Lessons


Bring Zulaika to your students!

From dance technique skills, to folk styles, to musicality, Zulaika loves to share her knowledge with you and your group. Suggested Topics

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It's All About the Music!

A 2-part workshop series that takes the mystery out of dancing to Arabic music.

Part 1: Arabic Music Theory for Dancers.
Learn basic Arabic music history and theory to better understand how the music works.

Part 2: Musicality for Dancers.
Building on information from the Music Theory workshop, you will experience movement exercises for breaking down & exploring a dance music piece.


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