Artist Residencies - 
Immerse yourself in the rich and varied Arab cultures

Residencies usually consist of a series of 3-4 workshops per day for 3-5 consecutive days. Zulaika is a rostered teaching artist with ArtsWA and Seattle's Community Arts Partners and 4Culture.

  • Are geared to the audience's ages

  • Number of participants depends on students ages and space size.

  • Use a myriad of movement, musical, video, and cultural activities.

  • Provide educational resources - including reading list, websites, organizations...

Zulaika's Educational Programs information

Did you know...

the 'Ud, a 10-12 string pear-shaped Arabic musical instrument, is the predecessor to the Lute and guitar.

Moulay Idris Door
Moroccan Ganawa
Egyptian Tent Cloth
Enjoying the Music
Tunisian Dance
Fashion Show
Moroccan Guedra
Arabic Alphabet
Saudi Men's Dance
Khaliji Dance
Egyptian Tahtib
Arab League Map
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