Bringing the joyous and rich dance traditions of the Arab world to life!

Zulaika's performances take you on a fascinating tour of the Arab world!

  • Assaya - Egyptian Cane Dance

  • Shamadan - Egyptian Candelabra Dance

  • Raqs al-Jazur - Tunisian Jar Dance

  • Khaliji - Gulf Dance

  • Raqs Sharqi - Belly Dance

Perfect for all audiences - including schools, libraries, museums, community groups, corporate events, private events, and henna nights. 


...we were so excited to have her at our Arabian Nights party!... I would highly recommend Zulaika! (more)

Lisa Mawhinney,

Life Enrichment Director

Ida Culver House, Seattle

Zulaika in Performance 3

Raqs Sharqi Performance

Zulaika studio photo 1

Studio Photo

Zulaika - Assaya

Egyptian Cane Dance

Zulaika- Shamadan

Egyptian Shamadan

Zulaika in Performance 1

Raqs Sharqi Performance

Zulaika - Khaliji

Khaliji Dance

Zulaika - Tunisian Performance

Tunisian Jar Dance

Zulaika Performance 3

Melaya Leff


Studio Photo

Zulaika - Performance 2

Veil Dance