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Zulaika was extremely professional in her communication and planning, we were so excited to have her at our Arabian Nights party! She was easy to work with and extremely flexible. Her knowledge and insight in between the wonderful dances was intriguing and many of the attendees commented on how wonderful it was to know a bit of background about each dance. Her gorgeous costumes and ability to entice crowd participation was also fabulous, we had many people up out of their seats dancing along! I would highly recommend Zulaika! - Lisa Mawhinney, Life Enrichment Director

Thank you so much for taking the time to perform for us! Your program of dance and music of the Middle East was s[ectacular. So informative, entertaining and colorful. For many Americans the Middle Eastern culture may be a little bit mysterious. It was interesting to learn more of the culture, and better understand customs, music, and dances. Because you shared information first, the dance you performed so very well had more meaning. Your costumes were exquisite! Very nice presentation. Our day was richer because you came to visit us. Thank you! - Evergreen Court Residents

ISA (International Student Association) was impressed with Zulaika's enthusiasm and her depth of knowledge regarding the history and custom of the dances. She performed three dances for International night...her performances were a big hit of the evening. Her props...and colorful outfits made the evening magical and set the standard for the other performances that evening. - Nora Lance, Associate Director Student Programs

Photo Gallery
Zulaika in Performance 3

Raqs Sharqi Performance

Zulaika studio photo 1

Studio Photo

Zulaika - Assaya

Egyptian Cane Dance

Zulaika- Shamadan

Egyptian Shamadan

Zulaika in Performance 1

Raqs Sharqi Performance

Zulaika - Khaliji studio photo

Khaliji Dance

Zulaika - Tunisian Performance

Tunisian Jar Dance

Zulaika Performance 3

Melaya Leff

Zulaika Spin

Studio Photo

Zulaika - Performance 2

Veil Dance

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