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Session begins February 10, 2021
Zulaika teaches a dance combo from class
A fun movement combo!

"Zulaika is a masterful and experienced teacher, building from a foundation of warm-ups and strengthening exercises specific to the dance to fun and challenging combinations. She always has a smile on her face and she works very hard to explain the specifics of a movement if we are struggling to get our bodies to do what we want them to do. She has so much experience teaching and performing but brings excitement and enthusiasm to each class. We are very lucky to have her in Seattle!"


Articles, information, and resources about Arabic dance and music.

Online Class: Let's Raqs!

February 10 - March 17 2021

Wednesdays 7-8:15 PM, PDT

Session Fee (6 classes): $70

Drop-in Fee: $13

Intermediate/Advance Level Class

Warm up with drills focusing on Raqs Sharqi dance technique. Then focus on movement variations, fun combinations!


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Online Class: Back to Basics

February 12 - March 19

Fridays 9:45-11 AM, PDT

Session Fee (4 classes): $70

Drop-in Fee: $13

Mixed Level Class

Back to Basics will build on Belly Dance fundamentals through drills. You'll learn new movement variations and fun combinations to expand your dance technique.

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Online: Private Lessons

$60 / 60 minute session

$35 / 30 minute session


$200 / 4-60 minute sessions

$120 / 4-30 minute sessions
Group rates for 2 or more dancers also available.

Zoom or Skype lessons

For all level dancers from beginner to professional. Zulaika will work with you to reach your dance goals!


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Bring Zulaika to your students!

From dance technique skills, to folk styles, to musicality, Zulaika loves to share her knowledge with you and your group. Suggested Topics

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It's All About the Music!

A 2-part workshop series that takes the mystery out of dancing to Arabic music.

Part 1: Arabic Music Theory for Dancers.
Learn basic Arabic music history and theory to better understand how the music works.

Part 2: Musicality for Dancers.
Building on information from the Music Theory workshop, you will experience movement exercises for breaking down & exploring a dance music piece.


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