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Let’s Dance!

Belly dance/Raqs Sharqi is more than just a dance; it's a celebration of movement, music, and cultural expression. Come and grove to joyful and captivating music as you build core strength, flexibility, grace, and self-esteem. This dance form celebrates women no matter their size, shape or age. I believe in teaching you the tools of the dance so that you can express yourself through movement and celebrate you!

Yalla, come dance with me!



"Being taught by a good dancer is not enough for me. Being a native Egyptian, and a dancer, I need a teacher who is able to breakdown the flaws in my technique, correct it, and make me a more graceful dancer on stage...I found this combination in Zulaika ..."


Back To Basics
Thursdays, 9:30-10:45 am PDT
May 16-June 6 2024

Mixed Level Class

4- Class Session: $55
Single Class Fee: $15

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Designed for dancers with a foundational understanding of belly dance, this class will push your limits and expand your capabilities. You will enhance your dance technique and musicality in a fun and engaging format. We deep-dive into fundamental movements, helping you build a solid dance foundation on which to build new variations to create expressive movements.

  • Build strong dance fundamentals through careful instruction and drills.

  • Develop body memory to execute moves with finesse and confidence.

  • Introduce and practice layering techniques, adding complexity to your dance.

  • Understand and apply variations in timing, levels, dimensions, and spatial awareness to mirror musical nuances.

  • Seamlessly transition between movements through combinations enhancing fluidity in your dance.

Online: Private Lessons

All Levels

Zoom or Skype lessons:

For all level dancers from beginner to professional. Zulaika will work with you to reach your dance goals!

$60 / 60-minute session

$35 / 30-minute session


$200 / 4 60-minute sessions

$120 / 4 30-minute sessions
Group rates for 2 or more dancers also available.

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Zulaika's Classic Egyptian Moves:

Learn the signature moves of Egyptian dance stars including Mona El Said, Soheir Zaki, Lucy,  Fifi Abdo, and Nadia Hamd.

Zulaika will

  • Break down the movements; teach their variations, and how they work with the music.

  • Present music selections appropriate for the moves

  • Present video clips of the dancers performing these movements.

  • INCLUDING unlimited access to On Demand Classic Egyptian Bonus Course: with handouts, music, videos, etc. 


You’ll be able to see, hear, and learn how the movements work with the music!!



From dance technique skills, to folk styles, to musicality, Zulaika loves to share her knowledge with you and your group. Suggested Topics

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It's All About the Music!

Part 1: Arabic Music Theory for Dancers.
Learn basic Arabic music history and theory to better understand how the music works.

Part 2: Musicality for Dancers.
Building on information from the Music Theory workshop, you will experience movement exercises for breaking down & exploring a dance music piece.


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Wednesdays 4-5:15 pm PDT

Private Lessons

Welcome to Zulaika's Online Studio

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