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"Being taught by a good dancer is not enough for me. Being a native Egyptian, and a dancer, I need a teacher who is able to breakdown the flaws in my technique, correct it, and make me a more graceful dancer on stage...I found this combination in Zulaika ..."


Articles, information, and resources about Arabic dance and music.


I am currently taking a break from live online classes. Please visit my


Each 70-minute class comes with

14-days access.

On Demand:

Variations on a Theme: Inter/Adv Level

Each class is based on a "movement theme"  and explores its myriad of variations - from rhythmic, timing, level changes, layering, to traveling and more!

Back to Basics: Mixed Level

Skills, Drills, and Combo Thrills!

Back to Basics reviews and builds on Belly Dance fundamentals.


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$60 / 60 minute session

$35 / 30 minute session


$200 / 4-60 minute sessions

$120 / 4-30 minute sessions
Group rates for 2 or more dancers also available.

Online: Private Lessons

Zoom or Skype lessons

For all level dancers from beginner to professional. Zulaika will work with you to reach your dance goals!


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Bring Zulaika to your students!

From dance technique skills, to folk styles, to musicality, Zulaika loves to share her knowledge with you and your group. Suggested Topics

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It's All About the Music!

A 2-part workshop series that takes the mystery out of dancing to Arabic music.

Part 1: Arabic Music Theory for Dancers.
Learn basic Arabic music history and theory to better understand how the music works.

Part 2: Musicality for Dancers.
Building on information from the Music Theory workshop, you will experience movement exercises for breaking down & exploring a dance music piece.


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Private Lessons
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