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 New Online Programs 

I have been teaching live online dance classes.

Now I am excited to use the platform to create live or recorded educational and enrichment programs that will meet your needs and the needs of your group or students!

This 5 minute video presents just a small sample of the rich diversity within the Arab World!

Resource Links:

Arab America: News, Arabic Word of the Day, Arab Trivia, Recipes, videos, and more.

Aramco World: Free subscription, Articles about the Arab and Muslim world, classroom guides for teachers. Aramco World Magazine , Classroom Guides

Welcome to my new Virtual Educational Programs

and Resources!


Come back often as I add videos

and other materials on:

Arab Culture, Music, Dance, Contributions to civilization...

Educational Video Links:

Film: 1001 Inventions and The Library of Secrets featuring Sir Ben Kingsley

Science in the Golden Age - Al-Razi, Ibn Sina and the Canon of Medicine

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