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Workshops - 
Expand your perceptions of the Arab world.
  • Workshops are 50-60 minutes long. 

  • Zulaika uses a myriad of dance, music, video, and cultural activities to engage your audience.

  • Each workshop is geared to the audience

    • Schools

    • Community groups

    • Corporate events

  • Zulaika is a rostered teaching artist with ArtsWA and Seattle's Community Arts Partners and 4Culture.

Sample Workshop Themes & Topics

Arab Dance

Experience the joyous dance traditions in their cultural context...

  • Learn folk dances from several Arab countries.

  • When and why they are performed

  • Exciting new ways to move your body to music

information about Zulaika's educational programs on Arab Danc and music

Did you know...we use Arabic every day. Ex. Soffah: a raised floor covered with carpets and pill0ws. (sofa!)

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