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Constantine brings more surprises!

March 7, 2020, Continued

Our first stop was Monument Aux Morts, a shrine honoring World War I fighters. It is perched atop a hill and offers fabulous views of the city.

Our second stop was Ahmed Bey Palace. The then leader of Constantine, Ahmed Bey ben Mohamed Cherif, completed it in 1835. He only got to live in it two years before being forced out during the French occupation. As we entered the palace we heard drums. Abdelkader and the museum guide diverted us to a palace room where an International Women’s Day celebration, complete with live music, was taking place. The women and their families welcomed us with open arms. We danced, had our photos taken, and were treated like royalty. Amel made new friends and shared their FB pages.

When the party ended, we were led on a private tour of the palace even though it was officially closed.

But the day was not over! After we checked in to our hotel and freshened up, we walked down the street to yet another private dinner party and an evening listening and dancing to Algerian Malouf music.

Good times, good food, good friends, good music...a great day & night!

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