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On the road to Constantine...

March 7, 2020

The bus ride from Bejaia for Constantine was through rain, sleet and even some snow showers!

The three-hour ride turned into five with the addition of a lunch stop and the change of escort at each municipality or district. However, we were well entertained! Amel taught us rhythms and songs with her frame drum. She talked about different dance styles and costumes. This inspired Hind and Zaiira (who belong to a folk dance troupe in addition to working for Riwaya Travel) to present an impromptu performance in the isle! All the merriment even inspired Karim to dance in the isle!!

Bus Photos & video

The road into Constantine led us through a short tunnel that opened to a dramatic view of the city – even in the rain. Constantine is known as the city of bridges. It sits on a high plateau surrounded by valleys and a deep ravine. We stopped for pictures before crossing the ravine on one of the many bridges. It was an emotional stop for Amel as she had lived in Constantine when she was growing up.

Our guide, Abdelkader, told our police escort that Amel had grown up in Constantine was was returning after many years. This lead to our grand entrance as they lead us across a restricted bridge with their lights flashing! Welcome home, Amel!!

Here is map of our tour for the first 7 days: Algiers, Bejaia, Constantine, Timgad, Biskra, El Oued.

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